Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wool Felt Flower Hair Clips

These are so easy to make. Buy some wool felt or blends wool felt.
I use the big kick machine to cut my flowers layers some people
use the Cuttle bug. I can use Cuttle Bug dies with my big kick machine.

The flowers shown in the photo above were made with Cuttle Bug dies.
This is a 4 piece flower set. I can place up to two of these dies at a time
inside my Big Kick. I layer the 4 pieces from largest to smallest.
Sew the 4 layeres together and then sew on a button for the center.
Just hot glue them to a lined alligator clip and you have a finished
boutique flower hair clip.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Curly Marbou Animal Print Hats

They have arrived! My Retail price: $15 -$18
Wholesale Price to other bow makers: $9.50 Zebra Print or Leopard Print
You can re-sell for $22 retail or more.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Decorated Kufi Crochet Hats

I have had a few customers ask me the best way to add ribbon to kufi hats. I weave the 3/8th ribbon in and out of the crochet loops. I always let extra ribbon hang in the back. When the hats are worn the ribbon stretcesh so if it does not hang long enough then the ribbon will fall out of the loops. I make a knot at the end of each of the ribbons that are hanging and heat seal the ends.

Next I make hair bows or Gerber Daisy hair clips to clip onto the hats through the crochet loops.
When making the flowers I use silk Gerber Daisy Flower heads. I take them apart and hot glue each layer back together and then glue a 18mm or 20mm rhinestone in the center. I often use two flowers put together so the flower will look nice and full.

How to use a braid as an ribbon sculpture body

First make a woven braid about 6 inches long.
Then I glue the two ends on top of one another
Next I roll the ball or shape it to my liking and let it dry.

All done! Now you can use this base to make turtle, crabs, cupcakes etc.

How to make Toggle Headbands

These are very easy to make.
Use 7/8th inch solid or printed ribbons.
Cut approx. 25-28 inches
Heat seal ribbon ends
Push on your toggle to open the hole
Run both ribbon ends through the hole

Toggles come in many sizes and in colors, frost, mini's and more .

Peace Sign Bottle Cap Images

Free Bottle Cap Images

Here are some bottle cap images I made for anyone to use.

Just print them out and punch them out with your 1" circle punch and attach and seal
them to you blank bottle caps.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

How to make your own mini bar style hair clips, text instruction included in the second photo.

Flip Flops

My first pair of flip flops with bows. Time consuming but easy to make.

What's needed
pair of flip flops
e-6000 glue
grosgrain ribbon - 7/8th wide
alligator clips
fabric - tac

First I wrapped my flip flops straps with ribbon. To do this I cut two pieces of ribbon about 2 feet long. I started to wrap the ribbon where your big toe will hit the flip flop and kept going until I hit the end and glued it down with e6000. I used a wooden clothes pin to hold it down until it dried. I repeated the same thing on the other side. Then all I needed to do was make two hair bows and either slip them on the flip flops with an alligator clip or glue the bows directly to the flip flops with e-6000 and let them dry overnight.