Friday, April 5, 2013

2 inch Satin Rolled Roses
with felt circle backing.
$0.65 cents each.

Prices do not include shipping and Paypal fees.
Most shipping charges for orders will be less than $3 with delivery confirmation.

Shabby Frayed Flowers are in Stock.
$2.50 per yard
$1.75 per 1/2 yard
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5/8th Fold Over Elastic for Baby Headbands, Hair Ties, Baby Bare Foot Sandals and more. Sample picture below. Acutal colors ordered are listed below. Arriving by 4/9/2013.

Colors; 1. white   2. red   3. pink  4. bubble gum pink  5. black  6. virtual pink ( shocking pink )  7. lavender ( lt. orchid type color ) 8. Delphinium 9. yellow gold 10. ocean blue  11. cream 12. turquoise

Price: 0.45 cents per yard, plus paypal fees.
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Shabby Shredded Lace Flower Are In Stock. They are approx. 4 inches wide and have a felt circle on the back. They look beautiful with a rhinestone button in the center on an elastic headband.

Regular Price: $2 each
Sale Price: $1.50 each
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