Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Curly Ostrich Feather Group Buy

Group buy for The Curly Ostrich Feather is going on now
thru August 15th.

here are the colors I would like to order;

Candy (bubble gum pink), bright hot pink, & dark brown.

Colors that are in stock are;
White, Lt. Pink, Purple, Star Blue, Lavender, teal, Eggplant, Camel, Dusty Rose, Lt. Yellow, Red w/ Purple Mixes, candy pink and Aqua.

Brown and bright pink are not in stock and will need to be ordered and pre-paid, before they will send them out to be custom colored. Orders take two weeks once paid to arrive to the supplier.

Prices per boa - 2 yards are $16
group buy fee is $1.50
paypal fee's
shipping from supplier ( split between the number of buyers)
shipping from me ( should be able to go 1st class mail.)
If we order 25 of one color the price drops down to only $14.75

Please post your orders on the MKB forum


  1. I am interested in your group buy for the ostrich feather boa's but I am not familiar with MKB. I just started following your blog because of the post of hip girl clips forum.

  2. I am too am interested and also not familiar with MKB. Are the only colors available the ones listed above? I am interested in white, winter white (cream), brown, red and top and bottom pink shown in the picture above. Please let me know how to proceed.


  3. I'm interested in this buy as well but again not familiar w/ MKB - got here from HG too.