Thursday, June 4, 2009

Flip Flops

My first pair of flip flops with bows. Time consuming but easy to make.

What's needed
pair of flip flops
e-6000 glue
grosgrain ribbon - 7/8th wide
alligator clips
fabric - tac

First I wrapped my flip flops straps with ribbon. To do this I cut two pieces of ribbon about 2 feet long. I started to wrap the ribbon where your big toe will hit the flip flop and kept going until I hit the end and glued it down with e6000. I used a wooden clothes pin to hold it down until it dried. I repeated the same thing on the other side. Then all I needed to do was make two hair bows and either slip them on the flip flops with an alligator clip or glue the bows directly to the flip flops with e-6000 and let them dry overnight.

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